Eco Friendly Electrical Services

Lowering energy usage is the number one focus for G.S.Electrical, Simple actions can reduce both fuel bills and CO2 emissions. Making your home or business as energy efficient as possible could save you hundreds of pounds per year.

Lighting can account for up to 45% of your electricity use, so improving the efficiency of your lights is a good way to reduce your energy costs.

The way we can help you to reduce your carbon footprint is by putting ourselves in your shoes. And thereby ensuring your company has the greenest possible lighting policy. The best starting point is to take up your offer of a Free Energy Survey.

The Energy Saving Survey

Installing energy efficient lighting measures doesn't have to cost the earth - sometimes you don't have to replace your existing light fittings. We will carry out a FREE survey of your premises and talk you through the most effective energy saving measures available. We will also provide calculations for you of the cost and environmental savings. If you are happy, we will do the project management for you, too. As much as 75% of commercial lighting in the UK is inefficient, and with energy bills set to continually to rise an energy efficient lighting system is the way forward.

The objectives of our survey, applications and benefits:

New Installations Projects

New build properties and refurbishments projects have to comply with the Building Regulations Part L these have been revised with a far more defined requirement for energy conservation, which places considerable onus on all new lighting and power installations.

We at G S Electrical Associates Ltd work hard to ensure we are up to date with the current technologies so our low energy designs and installations meet these requirements.

All our installations are designed around the efficient control of the lighting and power systems and the use of specific low energy light fittings and lamps. This will save you time and improve efficiency.

Corporate and Social Responsibility is now being taken very seriously and those companies who are working 'GREEN' will most certainly enhance their reputation in the future.

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